The Mighty Orchid King – Ocular Riptide – Audio

The English psychedelic quartet The Mighty Orchid King released the EP Nothing Ever Happened on the 28th of April.

The Mighty Orchid King

The Mighty Orchid King

The listener finds themselves ensconced in reminders of Deep Purple on hitting play as the unfettered kaleidoscope of refracting crystallised light shimmers through the room leaving the mind failing to catch up with its own thought process as the synapses splutter and slow down to a revolving eye of absorbing inner consciousness.

My only thoughts before hitting play are – allow yourself time and plenty of it. Thus far it has taken me since the introduction on the 13th of April to get this far with you – to suggest the second of the four tracks on Nothing Ever Happened (available on bandcamp) – Ocular Riptide – is my pick of the release.

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