The Medicine Dolls

From Cape Town in South Africa surface the new-wave trio Greg Allan, Arabella and Anro Femurs who form The Medicine Dolls.

The Medicine Dolls

The Medicine Dolls

The bleeding edges of guitar spill out of the speakers prior to bass bursting open the sub-woofers whilst sparky drum-kit bounces around the room from which a signature vocal parades as the trio teases that volume is turned ever louder.

Delivering the sounds of frustration in a world of askew relationships The Medicine Dolls reflect of unrequited connectivity from the standpoint of – If Only This Then That and the reality of IFTTT automated devices where the theory all sounds good but the actuality is less than satisfying, which they slurry out of the speakers in satisfying retort and a trio I look forward to hearing much more of in short order.

Formerly the quartet –  The Nasty Narcotics and now slimmed back to the trio to announce their continuation as an entity – they released their début three track single Loose Change on the 18th.

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