The Meaning Of Life

The Meaning Of Life an alt-rock band based in New York, in the USA is the trio of Sanal Sunny Leejean, Marta DeLeon and Christian St-Gallo.

The Meaning Of Life -  alt-indie from the USA

The Meaning Of Life

Somehow it seems opposite to be taking a look at The Meaning Of Life in the same week that Monty Pythons Flying Circus announce a comeback, add to that, just at the beginning of this week I was chatting to a connection in Scotland about Twin Peaks, specifically Laura Palmer to whom the trio make constant reference and combine that with the fact that this is a band who sent me an email back in September 2012, but it has taken me until these conjunctives coalesce to get round to a review and no wonder people believe in witchcraft…. enough of the tangents, how about the band?

The Meaning of Life offer torn back sounds which scamper across the room in a frenzy of verisimilitude in the same vein of a Lynch film. Audible, tangent, yet metaphysical, as each escapade turns into a phantom and so the music floats across the boundaries, each note decipherable yet unreachable.  An EP – Play Fuego – which came out at the time of introduction remains the most recent material and so it was with some pleasure that I learnt that there is a new LP to arrive imminently, to be preceded by some singles.

As regular readers will know, references to Lynchian material means a big thumbs up from me. To my connection who was chatting with me about who killed Laura, was she real, did she die? – not revealed here – and you do need to read the books to get the answers.


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