The Maysides

The Maysides, an indie band from Hamilton in Canada is the trio of Matt Harris (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Kellen Bolger (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Michael Lamb (Drums / Backing Vocals).

The Maysides - an indie band from Canada

The Maysides

With an easy hand on the tiller The Maysides provide music which has bite and poise. Somewhat derivative of West Coast USA indie-pop there is however more of a frisson of emotional context as a smattering of garage derived guitar scours away the burnish to great effect.

The percussion lays down precise and sharp solidity to the tracks, whilst vocal spins along the material with a softer lens. The Maysides provide a sound which manages to cleave a path between radio presentation and a harder hitting resonance delivering easily manageable slices of music that holds the audiences attention. The compositions are well written, enabling the songs to flow a natural stream, whilst never running like sterilised, anodised time-fillers.

A recent six track EP – Evicted – has been used by the band to showcase their diversity of out-put and is a good starting place to get to know The Maysides.


Evicted – EP – The Maysides is available on iTunes*.

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