The Maysides – Bucket List – Audio

When introduced in January 2014 the Canadian indie-rock band The Maysides were a trio – now a quartet with the addition of Kenny Holt (Guitar).

The Maysides - Line-up 2015

The Maysides

Last month The Maysides released the six track LP Loved And Lost, the penultimate of which is Bucket List.

Bucket List is an intriguing number as the opening refrain is indie rock based before quick stepping into a moonstomp Ska, prior to reverting back to indie rock. Given the disparity one may feel this would sound disjointed, however the ska element emerges as an elaborate and for me particularly enjoyable bridge, which of course I would have preferred to have lasted longer, but The Maysides are not a Ska band, they are however very good at what they do – high octane indie-rock.

Loved And Lost – LP – The Maysides is available on iTunes.*

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