The Lovely Intangibles

The Lovely Intangibles is a gauze-gaze project from Rochester, New York in the USA comprising Mary Ognibene, Stephen Masucci, Michael Williams and Tony Mann.

The Lovely Intangibles - Tomorrow Is Never - artwork

The Lovely Intangibles – Tomorrow Is Never – artwork

Those of more quizzical mind will recall Masucci and Mann from a review back in 2012 – The Lost Patrol still exists. The Lovely Intangibles is a collaboration betwixt members of two different bands, with the additional appearance of Jon Camp (bass) from a further band and one I hope continues, with further time spent working together.

The music filtrates its way into the room sheathed in gossamer threads of silk as the sounds wrap the listener in echoing shimmers of darkly spaced guitar, from which bass and percussion emerge mesmerically as the vocal features akin to a Brocken spectre floats above the translucent backdrop – and to round out the immersive quality of the material a minimalist synth adds touches of elongated shadows.

The Lovely Intangibles deliver compositions to be drunk in large quantities allowing the intoxicating effects of the tracks to merge one in to the other taking the mind on an out of body journey.

A début LP – Tomorrow Is Never is set for imminent release.

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