The Lottery Winners – I Know – Single Review

The English alt-indie quartet The Lottery Winners released the single I Know on the 12th.

The Lottery Winners - I Know - artwork

The Lottery Winners – I Know – artwork

The Lottery Winners sublimely sew threads of melancholia with bright-lights and I Know is a welcome introduction to the quartet.

It is easy to make comparisons of ‘sounds like’ but to do so takes away from their imagination and creativity. The vocal which slides easily between flats and sharps enables The Lottery Winners to generate the template of emotional travel, which the instrumentation and percussion subsequently highlight, as the voice and music fluctuate between heading in the same direction and veering on polar opposite course, with singing edging higher and guitars pointing lower, at different pace, to come together again with a precision that leaves the listener sensing they are listening to an aural illusion.

I look forward to hearing more of The Lottery Winners, who can be found spending much of their time on the road. If there is any justice in the music industry it shouldn’t be far off that the quartet find themselves on the international touring stage.


I Know – Single – The Lottery Winners is available on iTunes.*

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