The Limiñanas – Garden Of Love – Audio

The French garage-yé-yé duo The Limiñanas release the LP Malamore on the 15th of April.

The Limiñanas - Malamore - artwork

The Limiñanas – Malamore – artwork

There is something about yé-yé mixed with a touch of garage that always reminds of the collaborative works of Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte BardotGarden Of Love from the forthcoming album has that same under-current that makes the listener an unexpected voyeur of the sublime title and content of  Je t’aime… moi non plusI love You… Nor Do I.

Whispered breath that warms the ear in tempting promissory notes is led by caressing melodious flows of guitar and percussion which has the audience leading the way to a warm bedroom, only for fingers to slip apart half-way up the stairs as Garden Of Love unfolds its true mastery.

With a couple of songs having surfaced from Malamore, I recommend adding this LP to the collection of ‘bitter-sweet moments’.


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