The Lightyears Explode

The Lightyears Explode from Mumbai in India is the indie-rock trio of Shalom Benjamin (Bass), Saurabh Roy (Guitars / Vocals) and Aaron Carvalho (Drums).

The Lightyears Explode - indie rock from India

The Lightyears Explode – indie rock from India

Matching the name the music explodes out of the speakers in a sparkling rainbow of fire-crackers. The effusive delight with which The Lightyears Explode approach the sounds reflects through the out-put and the listener finds themselves captured in the after-glow.

Stacks of percussion lead the way, setting a rip-roaring pace off which the bass ricochets as the guitar blends them into a skimming fluorescence and the vocal rounds of the tracks with a light touch as the lyric explores relationship values. The Lightyears Explode bring together touches of nostalgia with the 21st Century to leave the audience with arms waving in time.

Having played live extensively over the recent months to enthusiastic crowds, The Lightyears Explode have recently announced they are off the live circuit for a few months, I can only hope this is to head to the studio to follow-up their 2013 release The Revenge of Kalicharan which is available on bandcamp.

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