The Legendary Rich Gilbert – Shut The Box – Audio

The US instrumental-weave-rock creator The Legendary Rich Gilbert revealed the LP Son Of S.A.M. on the 7th.

The Legendary Rich Gilbert

The Legendary Rich Gilbert

The album which threads through the room in a collection of twelve tracks lasting for approximately fifty minutes of quizzical monologues sets the audience minds racing to capture the Savannah and one is minded of an aural contextualisation of an anthology of the works of J. D. Salinger as the lamenting reverberating guitar lays against an intemperate drum machine that  insists time is pressing and demands of the Employer must be met.

My selection of Son Of S.A.M. (available on bandcamp) is the seventh number – Shut The Box – which is also the most frenetic of the dozen compositions and introduces warped synths which gives the piece a discursive energy in syncopation with the broken opening stanza.


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