The Lampshades – Gotta Do – Video

The US sludge-rock trio The Lampshades occasionally put out recorded material and on the 18th the two track single Gotta Do was released.

The Lampshades - Gotta Do - artwork

The Lampshades – Gotta Do – artwork

On the odd occasion in the four and a sixth minutes of the title track Gotta Do you will find instrumentation and vocal in tune with each other, but that is down to random chance rather than decision making.

The joy of The Lampshades is the ability for the trio to pick up the instruments and drum kits that sound as though they haven’t been tightened since manufacture and serve material that naturally flows into the veins akin to a tight gene matching organ donation.

With nary a regard for sentient compositional flow there is little better that the careening course of The Lampshades and the conclusion comes as a perfect wrap up of a track that is a trilogy of itself as Gotta Do disappears into a pile of shredded cardboard.

To add considerable value to 2015 – even at this late stage – you will find the bandcamp available Gotta Do – something you should not miss.

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