The Kundalini Genie – You’ll Find Out (When You’re On Your Own) – Single Review

The Kundalini Genie is a psychedlic-rock band from Scotland.

The Kundalini Genie

The Kundalini Genie

Although I was sent an introduction to their LP Reverberation (available on bandcamp) some little while ago, such is my wont I managed to miss it, only catching the details this week, apologies to one and all. With some fortune a new song surfaced at the tail end of last week.

You’ll Find Out (When You’re On Your Own) is a mesmerising blend of spaced out guitar, keys and a completely absorbing sitar, which enables them to create music that seems to stretch in to the mists of time with a slowly pacing percussion which is all rounded by a drifting echoing vocal.

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