The K’s – Sarajevo – Single Review

The K’s is an English newwave quartet.

The K's

The K’s

I do confess – I had to check – a band entitled The K’s with a song called Sarajevo did raise queries of political persuasion – so rest assured – the Sarajevo in question is the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 rather than thoughts of Srebrenica in support of the English Defence League – this is not a KKK off-shoot of White Christian Supremacists, I merely countenance the band to reconsider their name (else you sense akin to Sham 69 gigs – in those days – the BNP – supporting the music for all the wrong reasons) as I won’t be the only one of suspicious nature – now you know you will more clearly notice the lyric, comprehend the irony of the artwork of the single depicting the emblem of Црна рука – perhaps it is my tinnitus ridden ears and personal radar as an anarchist – the music?…

… turn up the volume and let the staccato pulsing beats harangue as the quartet compress the air, like an air-rifle, prior to propelling pellets in to the room peppering the plaster with pock-marks.

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