The Koniac Net

The Koniac Net from Mumbai in India is the rock quintet of David Abraham (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Jason D’Souza (Guitar / Vocals), Aaron Dmello (Guitar), Adil Kurwa (Bass) and Karun Kannampilly (Drums).

The Koniac Net - rock from India

The Koniac Net

A kaleidoscope of colours reflect across the walls as The Koniac Net deliver measured and retrospective mellowing moods of sound. Whilst gently steeped, the compositions are not tepid, as the quintet invest numerous layers within the tracks that engage the audience in the flowing aural delights.

Bass and percussion form a solid spine to the music, around which, the guitars are given the space and time to inveigle the ears with glistening distractions, whilst, the vocal guides the pieces along distinguishable paths. Although very easy on the audience, there is plenty of activity to warrant replays of tracks to explore further the spread of ideas.

The Koniac Net have mastered the art of delivering music which has a gentle timbre, while simultaneously adding sufficient seasoning to serve up an intriguing blend of sounds to keep the listener engaged and wanting to come back for a second helping.

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