The Knitts – Erotic Aquatic – Audio

The US alt-rock band The Knitts released the EP Simple Folk on the 13th.

The Knitts

The Knitts

Pulsing into the room Erotic Aquatic, the three-quarter mark on the four track EP, immediately wraps a smile around the face.

Beneath the carefree abandon, that invites the listener to join in, The Knitts hold a tight reign to the combinations of blustering percussion, throbbing bass, excitable guitar and flying vocal to deliver a track that while retaining the conceptual Joie de vivre, threads a balance that playfully jostles the audience into activity, while simultaneously allowing the material to stand on its own merit.

A well established group of players, their experience shines as brightly as does their the sense of joy in creating music for people to appreciate for its intrinsic value – an EP well worth adding to the ‘party mood’ playlist.

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Simple Folk – EP – The Knitts is available on iTunes.*

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