The Kingsmiths

The Kingsmiths is Eddie Henley (Vocals / Guitar), Amir Taghan (Drums), Elliot Parkes (Guitar / Backing Vocals) and Ed Singer (Synth) an alt-indie band from Brighton in England.

The Kingsmiths - alt-indie from England

The Kingsmiths

Like pulling party poppers The Kingsmiths create songs with punchy punctuation, which gives the material the sound of continual capital letters emerging out of the speakers. The staccato style demands absolute precision and the quartet is able to meet the mark as required. Maths-rock is a difficult nuanced music to carry off, with it’s sharp and accurate lines, however the quartet meet the task and more than that are able to inject warmth and a sense of fun with strong use of melodies both lyrically and through the instruments.

Eighteen months into the development of the band The Kingsmiths recently released a five track EP Arms For Legs. A smartly put together piece of work, which should see them further raise their visibility, that is already growing along the South Coast with regular live performances, in addition to a couple of London gigs coming up in February.

The music has an immediate approachability in core style that is normally quite spikey for those not inculcated in the genre, which gives The Kingsmiths the ability to attract a broadly based audience.


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