The John Steel Singers

The John Steel Singers from Brisbane in Australia is the surf psychedelia quintet of Trimmington Morrissey (Vocals), Scott Bromiley (Vocals /  Keyboards), Ross Chandler (Drums), Pete Bernoth (Keys / Trombone) and Luke McDonald (Vocals / Guitar).

The John Steel Singers - surf psychedelia from Australia

The John Steel Singers

The John Steel Singers provide a mesmerising journey through garage rock laden psychedelia as the multitude of vocals and instruments combine like soft waves foaming on the beach. The quintet are inveterate live performers with appearances across much of Europe in addition to their home country, with recordings appearing sparingly.

The falsetto voices are a trademark of The John Steel Singers and this enhances the music with its mushroom tea effect as the vocals slide between players in hushed tones, add to this the fuzzy instrumentation and the listener can’t do much other than sit entranced and nod in unison. The tracks are played to extended notes, which gives the music the surfy sounds of lo-fi garage rock.

The John Steel Singers is certainly well worth venturing out to see if their journey takes them near you, failing that a copy of the forthcoming eighteen track LP Everything’s a Thread (which is available on iTunes*).

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