The Jacques – Eleanor Ring Me – Single Review

The Jacques – an alt-rock band from England release the single Eleanor Ring Me on the 20th.

The Jacques - photo by Alex Partridge

The Jacques – photo by Alex Partridge

Evidently playing on reference points by band name to The Stranglers and the bass of Jean-Jacques Burnel and The Beatles with the song title if we slide that aside what are we left with? Something well worth taking time to know is the answer.

Sleazy vocal puff lips out of the speakers embracing tonguing kisses as Eleanor Ring Me tumbles across the room in blank thick strings of buffering tone, which is offset by guitar which sheers up and down the scales as percussion damps in the background.

Everything about Eleanor Ring Me suggests pastiche, yet The Jacques are able to pull a rabbit out of the hat and deliver a track that is worthy of adding to the collection. Whilst capturing attention at present, I am not sure for how long being the understudy will carry their career, but nonetheless I wish them every success.

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