The Izers

The Izers, an indie-rock band from Mantova in Italy is MatCorradoFede and Simone.

The Izers - indie rock from Italy

The Izers

It took a while for my ears to adjust to The Izers as they are still finding their direction of travel, working with many different sounds including references to that nemesis of mine – begins with the letter after T and has a number which is the sum of 40 – 38 as the second part of their name – I just can’t bring myself to type it – still…. there is far more than this to The Izers.

Standing in the middle of the park The Izers deliver well formulated sounds which will have resonance to many, my preference being, of course when they dirty it up a bit. There is little doubt the quartet are able musicians who know how to put songs together and deserve to do well, it is more pertinent as to where they finally set their sail of travel as currently the music is more of a mix-tape of sounds, all played very well, but still – not a signature sound that audiences can grab hold of.

A year behind them, the players work well together, delivering arching compositions that display instrumental competence and the ability to write songs. I was able to find a track I particularly enjoyed. Whichever path they follow, I wish them all the best and if they are able to develop the confidence in their own skin, I am sure much more will be heard of The Izers.


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