The Ian Quiet Review – Hocus Pocus – Audio

The Ian Quiet Review is a dark-rock trio from the USA.

The Ian Quiet Review

The Ian Quiet Review

The room develops its own wave underfoot on hitting play as The Ian Quiet Review deliver their music which has an infectious beat that sublimates in to everything it touches.

The songs contain a dark menace that forms the signature of the output as the formidable vocal paces like a stalking panther while a captivating deeply resonating bass pulses through the ears whilst drifting synth and varied instrumentation melts through the snapping percussion.

From their recent début eight track LP – Seance Fiction – the second song – Hocus Pocus.

Seance Fiction will, if justice be served, raise their profile significantly from the strong and growing local live performance circuit they have thus far developed.

I apologise to one and all for the late handling of this as an email has been sitting in my email inbox for a couple of weeks.


Seance Fiction – The Ian Quiet Review is available on iTunes.*

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