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The English indie quartet The Hubbards are gearing up to the release of the EP Cold Cut later in the year.

The Hubbards - Cold Cut

The Hubbards

As an advance of the full release the title track is being made available as a single on the 4th of March.

Cold Cut finds a retrospective mood as The Hubbards deliver a swinging melody that has the listener sashaying in time with the easily lilting track. Don’t be fooled however, the quartet have raised their game, as to achieve the gliding sounds they are having to work harder as musicians, to deliver the surface tension that gives Cold Cut its smoothness.

Underpinning the just over three and a half minute track of swan gliding elegance, lays a hard paddling workout for The Hubbards. Guitars swim inside each other in ever more complex timing whilst percussion superbly switches beat emphasis to change direction of travel and tempo whilst bass gives the track its depth and the vocal is able to flow in sympathy with the subtle key and pace changes. Whilst predominately played through in major chords the quartet are also able to slip into minors, making Cold Cut an impressive composition, which The Hubbards are able to deliver without the listener being aware of precisely how much is occurring, merely allowed to enjoy the sounds that emerge from the speakers.

I am looking forward to getting to hear the complete EP, if this is a mark of the standard of the full release.

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