The High Ones

The High Ones is Mark Lee and Nigel Parrington a psychedelic indie pop duo from St. Albans in England.

The High Ones - psychedelic indie pop from England

The High Ones

Mark will be a familiar name to established readers as part of The Pocket Gods, a perennial favourite on the Indie Bands Blog. On this occasion, whilst the material remains as lo-fi as to be expected it is somehow more accessible and whilst the distinctive laconic vocal of Mark Lee remains as recognizable as ever, the audience is offered a more dance orientated sound.

There is a distinctive funk undertow which snaps the hips into movement with a plethora of alternative new wave synths which flow through the tracks giving them a sinuous movement.

Whilst The Pocket Gods remain very active, The High Ones have more sporadic out-put, more akin to the cycle of Halley’s Comet, but welcome none the less for it when they do arrive and knowing that Lee has an almost obsessive interest in all things celestial and beyond, perhaps that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

This is music to take at any-time of the day when you fancy exploring something a little different, but nonetheless easy to engage with.


Pox Popz – EP – The High Ones is available on iTunes*.

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