The Happy Pill Academy – A Song About A Wedding That Never Took Place – Audio

The English alternative-reality project The Happy Pill Academy released the LP Kerosene, Matches & Time yesterday.

The Happy Pill Academy

The Happy Pill Academy

An eleven track album (available on bandcamp) of whimsical thought and lo-fidelity production that will either have you running for the hills or delightedly spending the roughly forty two minutes of its duration in quiet appreciation.

Fold away any preconceptions of expectation and pop that tidily in to the drawer and think more of that storage space in which treasures are randomly stowed that you always intend to get round to sorting out, but never do – you will be in the right frame of mind to enjoy the acoustic guitar led meanderings through the its engrossing journey. I somehow think this isn’t the last time I will be keen to share new material by The Happy Pill Academy.

By way of an introduction – the second song – by title alone – elucidates to the above thoughts – A Song About A Wedding That Never Took Place.


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