The Greeting Committee

Greeting Committee from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in England is the psychedelic quintet of Sean Hanson, Jon CorbettJohn Cardill, John Duggan and Woodtits.

The Greeting Committee - Psychedelia from England

The Greeting Committee

It was only last month that I first came across The Greeting Committee through a video posted by End Of The Trail Records, however I did want to get a full review written as soon as possible.

The music imperceptibly wafts across the room as otiose guitar notes drift gently across the room, dreamily filling the head with kaleidoscopes of  colour. The band combine references to a version of slow-motion Brit-pop and ’70s psychotropics to provide the listener with an intriguing third eye of sound that melts inside the ears.

The unhurried delivery enables the audience plenty of time to saviour the individual components of the tracks, without it ever becoming funereal as inside the seeming torpor The Greeting Committee are busy delivering layers of texture and activity. Their relaxing stance makes for a comfortable space in which to lay as a haven to the freneticism of much of the current music around.

With four years experience behind them, The Greeting Committee deserve a far broader audience than thus far achieved, which is perhaps due on the main to their scarcity of releases.


Island – Single – The Greeting Committee is available on iTunes*

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