The Grayces

The Grayces from Nashville in the USA is the Domme-rock trio of Iz Stone (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Patrick Ward (Bass / Backing Vocal) and Chas Cantrell (Drums / Backing Vocal).

The Grayces - Westing - artwork

The Grayces – Westing – artwork

Sphagnum moss would delight in growing on a diet of The Grayces as the brooding sounds bleed their soul into the atmosphere. Dark, chilling and unforgiving the trio send cracks of sexual tension through the room like a dominatrix stiletto heel advancing on a stone floor.

As I on occasion mention, I realise everyone reaches this site and their music portfolio over the internet in different ways, but the worst way to hear any music is through the tinny blast of a telephone or an earpiece and to do so with The Grayces, who have an iconic sound and range which demands real speakers to extract the value of the out-put, is a waste of yours and their time. Burbling brooks of bass are associated with screaming guitar as a sharply pitched vocal foils against an expansive drum-kit giving the music its rich flavour, with each segment integral to the whole and the further apart the speakers the more the purple-swathed temper evolves.

A well established band, The Grayces underwent various iterations over the early years, settling on a stable line-up in 2012 and have gone from strength to strength. Having had the opportunity to listen to the just under fifty minute – thirteen track Westing which comes out on the 14th October, the welts on my back are still smarting. In addition to getting hold of the album on its arrival, I also recommend bondage ropes, candles and a whip to go with the package.

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