The Good Wives

The Good Wives is Jacob BruggmanNicholas Alexander and Shane Berg from Seattle in the USA – an alt-indie band.

The Good Wives - alt-indie from the USA

The Good Wives

Combining country blues with indie rock gives The Good Wives a sound that has a zesty peppiness to it whilst simultaneously a cynical tone. Songs about shallow conquests are given piquancy by the bouncing rhythms.

The combination of electric and acoustic guitar enables The Good Wives to create music that they can inject with changes of emphasis without needing to alter format and this gives the resulting out-put a continuity of sound. The gap between their first and second EP has afforded the band the opportunity to add a heavier more rock centric flavour to the tracks, which personally, I find more engaging. Predominately a trio both in the studio and live, they do collaborate with additional musicians as need dictate and this also allows the out-fit to add a depth to the productions.

With the evident influences of mid-west folk it is only a surprise to find that The Good Wives are not based in a prairie, rather in the far north west of the country. Perhaps it is from this juxtaposition that they are able to invest the music with urban cynicism, which gives the resulting music a granular presence that brings the sounds to life. Whatever it may be, I suggest spending some time with the trio will find you in a good space.

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