The Gooch Palms

The Gooch Palms are the new wave duo of Kat Friend and Leroy Macqueen from Newcastle, Australia.

The Gooch Palms - new wave from Australia

The Gooch Palms Photo by Peter Dovgan

A soaring soundscape comes hurtling in to the room as The Gooch Palms let it all hang out, quite literally and I am reminded not just musically of The Damned but more precisely of Captain Sensible who also ended up more than often wearing nothing more than his guitar.

Stripping it all back to basics (no pun intended) The Gooch Palms deliver a stream of consciousness that captivates the audience for its very simplicity. This is another band that when you think you have found the loudest possible playback, find the boost and it gets better.

Energy just crashes across the room in a joyful bounce and the listener is caught up in it all as the duo deliver music which delivers a resounding punch that connects with a playful smile. Many bands with a plethora of musicians don’t deliver anything like this powerhouse manage and it is of little surprise that The Gooch Palms find themselves regularly invited to play venues as I would imagine their gigs are great fun to attend.

A recent ten track LP – Novo’s – will undoubtedly secure them an even wider audience. If you are in Australia, my suggestion is to find out when they are playing near you and book it in the diary, if not, get hold of the LP.


Novo’s – The Gooch Palms is available on iTunes*.

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