The Gods Themselves – Speak In Tongues – Audio

The US electro-groove trio The Gods Themselves released the LP Be My Animal earlier in the month.

The Gods Themselves

The Gods Themselves

Limber up your joints and find some dancing gear before hitting play as the roughly thirty seven minutes – nine track album extends an invitation to slide with the combinations of synthesis and instrumentation and one is immediately drenched in pulsing strobes of purple and blue light.

In Be My Animal, The Gods Themselves, take the listener on a journey encompassing influences from: Funky snake hips; Blitz club; rock ‘n’ roll to; Discotheque. Yet never sounding retrospective as the trio are able to freshen up all the influences providing an entrancing sultriness that has the audience merely pondering ‘If this were a double LP it still wouldn’t extend long enough and can we have 12″ vinyl extended versions of each song please’? .

My pick of the release is the atypical sounding fourth track – Speak In Tongues.


Be My Animal – The Gods Themselves is available on iTunes.*

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