The Glass Children – To The Light – Single Review

The English synth-glaze duo The Glass Children were introduced in August.

The Glass Children - To The Light

The Glass Children

Their latest track – To The Light – is of different texture to that last featured with a more brittle soundscape in a composition which minds of a slow-motion vision of a crystal-glass flute slowly dropping to the floor and the shards of broken silicate reflecting the colours of the rainbow as dappled sunlight captures the fragments scattering around the room.

The Glass Children in – To The Light – proffer a just under three and five sixths minutes track which wrestles combinations of delicacy with abrasiveness that discombobulates the unwary – yet on regathering their wits the listener recomposes in the absorbing combinations of frost and warmth.

It will be intriguing to discover where the duo next head as their material, thus far, sets a broad carpet of potential weave.

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