The Geeks – It’s Time To Go – Audio

The Filipino alt-indie band The Geeks are planning to  release the two track single The Double-Sided Sophomore Slump later this year.

The Geeks - It's Time To Go

The Geeks

Word also arrives that there are a number of new songs currently being recorded, so it is possible to speculate there may well be a fuller release during the course of the year.

The B side of The Double-Sided Sophomore SlumpIt’s Time To Go has surfaced as an interim step to more news. The just under three minute track has a more sludgy feel than material previously featured as The Geeks occlude the previously clear waters with an unexpected flatness of tone. Giving the song a feel of garage rock at its most unfinished as it wends its way in to the room in sticky lumps of clay that has the listener jumping in, like a hippopotamus enjoying a mud bath, and revelling in the squelch.

I look forward to hearing more of their new material to ascertain whether this is a new direction of travel, or a delightful one-off foray into quicksand.

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