The Fun Part

The Fun Part from Overpelt in Belgium is the alt-folk singer songwriter Darleen Jansen.

The Fun Part - alt-folk from Belgium

The Fun Part

The haunting sounds that are The Fun Part add a fine mesh to the world of music. This is material for a period of quiet reflection and voice of Darleen Jansen has something of an hypnotic quality. Still relatively new on the scene there is a journey of discovery The Fun Part is taking, testing out ideas and instrumental styles, including loud backdrops of electronics.

In my view the pieces work best when they are pared back to the spectral and the listener is able to focus on the ethereal nature of the writing. There is a timeless quality to the music and it would be easy to draw comparisons to some of the iconic songwriters of eras gone by, yet to do so would be to detract from the freshness of the music.

Already establishing considerable interest for the evocative sounds by those who have had the opportunity to hear her music, I wish The Fun Part every success in the creative process and look forward to hearing more in short order.


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