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The Australian alt-rock trio The Francos were introduced last year.

The Francos - photo by Madison Small Photography

The Francos – photo by Madison Small Photography

In my all too usual haphazard management of my email inbox, I managed to miss an email from them early this year and another one from last month, making this yet another apology and another article which is a day late to feature relating as it does to the EP Absolute Scenes (which is available on bandcamp) that came out on the 26th of last month.

Although it is less than a year since The Francos were introduced their music has moved on exponentially. The five tracks on the EP each take a different theme from the wardrobe allowing the trio to display an impressive range of songs while never letting the listener feel they are listening to a random anthology of material, in a release that raises the barrier which, resultingly, leaves the listener already speculating about what may or may not be on their, as yet only imagined in the minds of the audience, début LP.

Around is the penultimate track.

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