The Forer Effect – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun – Audio

The Forer Effect is a brand new emo trio from the USA.

The Forer Effect

The Forer Effect

Within the past eight hours new music has appeared that I am able to share with you.

There is an accompanying four track EP – Human Beings Are Stupid Fucking Animals And I’m Depressed Because I Am One by – Nick Beliveau (Guitar / Vocals), Sam Dawson (Drums / Vocals) and Calvin Thomke (Bass) in the moniker of The Forer Effect which by band name perspicaciously announces the output with exactitude of the introversion of construct by the descriptors of counterproductive Barnum psychoanalysis.

My selection from the EP is the second of the four – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun – with its bass strings hanging so low from the fret-board that the listener can envisage they drag along the floor prior to thumb reaching for notes.

A new social media page also surfaced today.

When searching for the latest songs from around the world I am not sure that other than Emerging Indie Bands on Twitter serves better purpose.

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