The Floormen

The psychedelic-gaze quintet Buddy Keenan (Vocals / Guitar), Luke Barlow (Bass), Jamie Lindberg (Drums) Jess Gowing (Vocals) and Sam Rogers (Guitar) who hail from Liverpool in England form The Floormen.

The Floormen - psychedelic-gaze from England

The Floormen

Swatches of kaleidoscopic colour drift around the room as The Floormen combine angularity with soft lines to create compositions which curl gently around the brain. The music has a mystical quality that gives it the floating textures and by combining sharper points of reference the quintet is able to deliver sounds which keep the audience fixated.

A plethora of influences permeate through the soundscape which The Floormen spaciously extend, giving the familiar a completely new perspective as the notes are given the time to form and expand slowly around the head.

Having established a local audience base The Floormen are beginning to cast a wider net, having travelled to the South of England recently for a performance, to which an LP, that is currently being recorded, will afford the band a broader audience.

The Floormen is not a band to approach with a deadline for a meeting in the next few minutes, as the tracks which regularly extend well above five minutes, finds the mind out of synch with the second-hand on a watch and the more you allow yourself the time to melt into the material, the more you will want to hear.

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