The Fleas – Can’t Give My Love Away – Single Review

The English funk-groove quintet The Fleas release the single Can’t Give My Love Away on the 8th of December.

The Fleas - Can't Give My Love Away

The Fleas

Scattering rose petals across the floor, in their latest reveal, The Fleas take their creativity to another different path of travel from previous journeys.

The ambrosial perfumes invite the audience to tarry as the listener discovers the soft underfoot is a journey in which to sink their feet in warming pleasure while the verdant textures massage between the toes, settled by the trumpet which shimmy’s through the room with the off-beat percussion and bass finding the hips dipping to the knees whilst guitar lays a quiet steadying hand on the shoulder and the combinations of harmonised vocals luxuriantly stretching overhead. Other than play it again immediately, I have no other thoughts.

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