The Fixation

The Fixation is the indie-rock quintet of Henry Soundy, Jamie Codrington, Scott Ellis, Ollie Moffat and Robbie Cockcroft split betwixt Oxford and London in England.

The Fixation - indie-rock from England

The Fixation

Just over a year ago I received an email to let me know about the band and as always promised I get there in the end, not always as quickly as intended, so my apologies to Scott for this prolonged delay in getting back to your message.

It is with some pleasure I finally reach The Fixation who deliver their corkscrew of music that has the audience bubbling with bouncing joy immediately on hitting play. The quartet are not seeking to present complication, rather unfussy good time fixes and like a round of shots of shorts so the music spears into the veins leaving the listener filled with pulsing pleasure.

A vocal which pitches higher, then ever higher, is accompanied by dampened guitars which perform sharp acrobatics across the ears as the percussion punctures into the ear with its precise lines to which bass, equally tautly strung, maintains equilibrium as it sets the tempo. Given the high pitch of it all The Fixation do not sound as though they are in a panic, rather, masters of all that they survey.

The latest EP  – Is That a Gun In Your Pocket Or Is This Date Just Going Better Than Expected? discovers The Fixation in harder edge than earlier material and a direction of travel I, personally, hope they continue to pursue.

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Is That a Gun In Your Pocket Or Is This Date Just Going Better Than Expected? – Single – The Fixation is available on iTunes.*

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