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The Brazilian electro-rock project The F.Ray released the début LP ParaL​-​NoiD UniversE on the 1st.

The F.Ray drawing by Henrique da Silva

The F.Ray drawing by Henrique da Silva

The perspicaciously named Hunter, the third of the six tracks on ParaL​-​NoiD UniversE, hurtles out of the speakers as though being chased by demons. The opening electronics remind of an ’80s New Romantics band on speed prior to the fusillade of fuzzy guitar and pivotal percussion submerging the synthesisers to be joined by a growling vocal that develops from deep in the larynx. Lasting a touch over three minutes this a track that will have you reaching for immediate replay, even though there are another five songs also wanting re-looping.

Felipe Espindola de Borba, who is The F.Ray, is able to pack the twenty minute album with an intensive and spell-binding thread of tracks that make the listener wish this were an extended double album.

Whilst the compositions form recognizable shapes of sound there is an experimental feel to the lo-fi production of ParaL​-​NoiD UniversE (which is available on bandcamp) without ever loosing the rabbit punches.

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