The Everglows – Let It Out – Audio

The English introspective-rock trio The Everglows were first introduced in 2014.

The Everglows - Let It Out

The Everglows

It is always an intrigue to keep track of bands during their evolution, some spring into lightness, others become more encased in brooding menace. The Everglows are a band who have changed from the Brighton Scooter Rallies of scampering mod-rock to an ill-tempered darkness which lays like a drying leather strap across the chest restraining a subject of water-boarding.

A dank cloaking dampened guitar chokes the breath whilst the bass wheels into the ears as an insistent percussion plays for time and the vocal greedily applies sponges to the face allowing the full force of a drowning dousing of water to fill the nostrils with spluttering desperate gasps that cling to life.

Let It Be evokes of the stifling of free thought process in the ’10s as their music has become more doom laden over only two years of progress. In a world in which to disagree with the 1% is to be a terrorist and duly tortured as, The Everglows, reflect of a world of socio-democracy which now takes the STASI record keeping of East Germany as a guideline principal and the concepts of Orwell’s 1984 as a rule of thumb of ‘good behaviour’.

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