The Everglows – Here I Go Again – Single Review

After a quiet year the English alt-rock  quartet The Everglows return with a new song.

The Everglows - Here I Go Again

The Everglows

Those who have followed the articles about The Everglows over the years will have noticed the introduction mentioning a ‘quartet’ and not a ‘trio’ it has partly been for this reason that they have been a little quiet whilst they bed-in the new and additional member of the band – Jamie Burridge on bass – and immediately on hitting play the difference is noticeable.

Here I Go Again has both a greater texture, having enabled Steve Perkins to switch from bass to add a second guitar which enables the music to take a wider angle, which in turn has given the bass a greater contrast and thereby adding resonance to the structuring of the composition. I look forward to hearing more from The Everglows in 2018 with this expanded line-up.

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  1. Thanks for the honest & detailed review, it’s much appreciated !!

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