The Everglows – Feetwalking – Single Review

Initially introduced in August of last year the English mod-rock band The Everglows have become a regular feature.

The Everglows - Feetwalking - artwork

The Everglows – Feetwalking – artwork

Closing out their 2015 The Everglows released a new single yesterday – Feetwalking, which is available on bandcamp. The piece finds them in very different territory with a rock-centre that displays their more gentle side, which surfaces from time to time, in the just over three and a half minute track.

The guitar notes are allowed to linger longer and everything is given a frosted finish in a number that has an almost shoe-gaze feel to it as the trio play around with shimmering melodies. Whilst moving from their centre ground there is sufficient of the ’60s to capture the attention of current fan-base and simultaneously draw in a new audience as the growing confidence of The Everglows finds them giving themselves permission to demonstrate their wider ability to create material that can and does carve out some space of differential, in much the same way that the The Who evolved to tread steps of difference.

I look forward to discovering on which path The Everglows tread with future material and word arrives of plans for their début LP by the middle of next year.

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