The ERAera

The ERAera from Detroit in the USA is the fusion hip-hop trio of Emmanuel GriggsAvantika Sharma and Roderick Marshall.

The ERAera - fusion hip-hop from the USA

The ERAera

Lacing dance with jazz and hip-hop, or perhaps the other way round, I find myself strangely entertained by The ERAera with what is an exceedingly radio friendly commercial sound, it happens, rarely, but it happens.

Well executed tracks cleanse the palate with their happy puppy upbeat message, whilst conceptually as a starting point this merge of influences shouldn’t work, however the listener is not left blinded by gleaming plastic, rather becoming immersed in the idea of The ERAera.

Don’t expect complicated music as it designed for lighter moments, regardless of that, it is done well and provides for some top notch entertainment value. The combination of the two very different vocal styles keep the listener invested in the music, keenly awaiting the next switch.

The musical construction is, as has already been mentioned light and fluffy, what makes this stand up adding a scintilla to the world of music, is the combinations of styles and turning the whole concept of hip-hop on its head.

It won’t sit on my everyday playlist, but does make it to the ‘I don’t know why, but it does’ and in my view worth taking some time to explore.


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  2. The ERAera caught my attention a while ago. The music is fresh and catchy and the lyrics are a true “breath of fresh air!” The group is headed up and beyond.

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