The endgame

The Endgame from Durham in England is the independent rock band of Sarah Tyler (Lead vocals / Guitar / Percussion), Dave Hay (Guitar), Guy Millen (Bass) and Chris Johnson (Drums / Backing vocals).

The Endgame - alt rock from England

The Endgame

Reminding of Chrissie Hind as Sarah sings, how could I not be engaged? What more should I say? Oh Ok – you insist… When you are as engaged in the voice it easy to forget the backdrop, but The endgame offer something in to which wrap the ears.

The quartet define their sounds in an equilibrium of despair and hope as the music resonates around the room in a calming sense of gloom. Delightful caresses of bass kiss the cheeks as from above pierces the guitars which sway rhythmically and in the ether lays a sympathetic percussion. It is the backward compositions which raise The endgame above the parapet to the minds eye.

Effortlessly the band marks a differentiation as the music offers to the listener a sound that clocks naturally, whilst they forgo simplistic connectivity in the weaving sounds that engage the audience.

I have had the pleasure of taking a listen to the eleven track debut LP Shifting Circles and already this hits my – must get back to this – playlist.


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