The Easies – Daydream All Night – Audio

The US alt-indie project The Easies was introduced a couple of months ago.

The Easies - Daydream All Night

The Easies

It must be something to do with the weather, or some such excuse, that once again I am late with a track that was sent to me a while back – Daydream All Night.

The appropriately named Day Dream All Night peers from under the bed-covers before rubbing its eyes and drifting off back for another four minutes and eleven seconds of snoozing. Melting into the brain the audience finds themselves drifting into warming stupor as the unhurried softness of synthetics and reverbing guitar play around the head to the accompaniment of a soothing vocal.

On surfacing from the reverie the mind feels as though it has undergone a deep relaxation and Daydream All Night is a track to add to the ‘Life is pressing down’ playlist, where it will massage away many of those knots of day to day existence.

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