The Doozies

The Doozies is the garage rock duo from Washington D.C. in the USA comprising Henry Van Dusen and Dave Van Dusen.

The Doozies - Garage rock from the USA

The Doozies

The lo-fidelity recordings fuzz around the walls in delightful scamper and the listener can’t help but find the day better for having added The Doozies to the mix.

Unashamedly DIY, the duo make no concessions to ‘lessons in recording’ and the resulting out-put is better for having thrown away the guide-books. It was back in December 2011 I first received their email of introduction and while it has taken me a long time to get round to it, their introduction, which spoke of weeks, months and sometimes even years between recording tracks for releases, has been borne out by facts as when they first made contact it was to introduce their début LP – last month their follow up – a split LP with Flower GirlLive In The Basement appeared.

If you enjoy your music as unsophisticated perspectives on life around, as I do – then you will enjoy what The Doozies have to offer, infrequent as it may be.

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Live In the Basement – Doozies is available on iTunes*.

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