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The US dark-rock band The Deadmen released their eponymous LP yesterday.

The Deadmen - eponymous LP

The Deadmen – eponymous LP

A ten track, roughly thirty six minutes, album (available via Eight Gang Switch) of superlative compositions.

Reflective of the realities of the journey of life with its ups and downs The Deadmen deliver music that has a serious demeanour, which is also able to find lustre in every rise and fall as they provide tracks that contains an impressive songwriting and performance ability. The underlying sombre mood is created through the anchoring of a brooding bass / percussion combination as the guitars tread on emotive melodies whilst the multi-layered vocals soar through the room in captivating harmonies discovering the listener wiping away tears from the corner of the eyes.

Having written all the above of the dour countenance of the LP, there is perhaps some inevitability that my selection from the album would be the the sixth track – the idiosyncratic rocking Crystal – a narrative of drug addiction – that is unlike anything else on the album.

I do advise grabbing hold of the LP and allow yourself plenty of time,  in a quiet darkened room, to fully enjoy the album with sharp objects and ropes safely out of reach as the full magnitude of the release seeps in to the marrow-bone.


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