The Dead Heads – Shut Up And Fish – Audio

The US surreal-lofi duo The Dead Heads release the LP Holy Smokes on the 18th.

The Dead Heads

The Dead Heads

Extremely active in releasing new music, The Dead Heads are able to combine humour, lof-fi, political satire and strong song writing skills to deliver music that no matter how much you are are feeling on hitting play, you will discover they are able composers and musicians and end up smiling.

Their ever bubbling fermentation of ideas of the absurd spiral their way in to the listeners ears in easily digested bites of analogue synths and bluesy-fuzz. Trying to select a pick of the release from the just over half and hour eleven track album (available on bandcamp) is not really possible as they are all top-notch slices of pie.

By way of an introduction to the LP and their music – the shortest track – at only fifty seconds – Shut Up And Fish.


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