The Damnit Jims – Just Punk Enough – Video

The US new-wave quartet The Damnit Jims release the LP Just Punk Enough on the 22nd.

The Damnit Jims - Just Punk Enough - artwork

The Damnit Jims – Just Punk Enough – artwork

The second of the fifteen track album (available through Squidhat Records) and title – Just Punk Enough finds The Damnit Jims with a familiar scouring reference point, though they have equally sought to try things a little different on the LP compared to the EP Never Die from last year. The music having a more fuzzy underpinning giving it a more raw and hence powerful presence which invites the listener to join them on the floor with its sliding chord changes and fusillade of bass / percussion combinations that rattle the window frames, whilst vocal wavers between the sarcastic to out-right affronted.

Having had the opportunity to pogo to the full album, other than having aching calves and being distinctly out of breath I do suggest grabbing hold of Just Punk Enough on Saturday.

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