The Cut Losses – Spending Time On My Own – Single Review

The Canadian dream-gaze project The Cut Losses which centres around Patrick McWilliams have recently released their début single Spending Time On My Own.

The Cut Losses

The Cut Losses

There is a scent of patchouli oil that permeates the room as the elastic notes of The Cut Losses draw on long bongs of kaleidoscopic colours which exhale whimsical meanderings of stretched guitar whilst precise percussion sits in stark contrast to the dreamy spires of strings. The vocal spirals into the ears akin to moulding plasticine to the auricular.

The Cut Losses draw on influences of ’70s psychedelia, whilst giving it a brush up to have a coherency that fits with the ’10s.

Although the audience can relax into the sound, there is a sense that The Cut Losses are working a little too hard to be not quite what they are, as it all sounds a little contrived in an attempt to be interesting, in similar vein to a suburbanite trying to be an Urban Street Rapper. This is a project that has much to add to the world of music and the sooner they stop apologising for being middle-class misfits pretending to be working-class revolutionaries and accept that they are what they are, the more I sense they will have to offer.

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