The Cottonettes

The Cottonettes from Guildford in England is the new-wave trio of Ben Madle (Guitar / Vocals), Josh Young (Bass / Vocals) and Adam Broadbent (Drums).

The Cottonettes - new-wave from England

The Cottonettes

Turn up the volume, make sure the DMs are laced and let yourself go as The Cottonettes careen across the room with some smartly fuzzed guitar work which is offset by a set of drumsticks which rattle the rafters as a bass thumps elephantine footsteps and anthemic vocals have you joining in with their infectious chant.

Tracks which rarely last three minutes will have you reaching for breath as the pace demands of strained calves. However The Cottonettes are not just about speed as underlying the frenetic pace are well considered commentaries, which are effective for their very brevity and the compositions are finely structured, leaving the audience with sweaty brows, aching lungs and appreciation of smart musicianship.

With a regular live performance schedule this is certainly a band worth getting out to see. I am reminded of tipexed band names in straight edged lettering onto jacket, how could I not recommend adding The Cottonettes to your playlist, as they take three-chord brevity – double the chord count and add some swagger –  I am just off to pick up the broken fragments around the room…..


Demo 1 – EP – The Cottonettes is available on iTunes*.

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