The Controversy

The Controversy is an ethereal-indie band from Los Angeles in the USA. The two players, Laura Vall (Vocals / Keys) and Thomas Hjorth (Guitars / Vocals) form the nucleus and on live performance  Jesper Kristensen (drums) and Spencer Wright (bass) complete the line-up.

The Controversy - ethereal indie from the USA

The Controversy

Serenely gliding through the room, The Controversy, explicate delivering complexities within a format that settle easily on the listeners ear. Apparitions of sound float euromythically into the ears feeding a sense of calmness, whilst captivating the brain in the purity and variance.

By no means easy compositions and what marks out The Controversy is, the way that they are able to take the intrinsic and make it everyday, enabling the audience to wallow in the luxuriance.

This is material of the highest quality that deserves wider recognition and it is a pleasure to introduce a band who I was first made aware of back in February 2012. In some ways a a salutary lesson of the realities of the music business, despite The Controversy having won numerous awards through 2012, they remain at the fringes as a band as they appear to have taken their eye off the ball expecting global success to naturally follow. Whilst having been able to leverage the coverage to afford them the opportunity to write scores for Films, Television and Video Games, they have also to their credit, dusted themselves down and are currently in the process of completing a second LP and I wish them all the best for the future.


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